Minneapolis Moline 1951-53 UTS 6 To 12 Volt Delco 1107977 Starter Kit Field Coil

Starter rebuild kit for converting your 6 volt starter to 12 volts. Fits Delco 1107977 Starter on the following applications. 1951-53 Minneapolis Moline UTS. 1951-53 Minneapolis Moline UTU. 1954 Minneapolis Moline 283-4A. 1954 Minneapolis Moline 403-4A. 1957 Minneapolis Moline 283-4A. 12 volt Field Coil Set w/ (4) poke shoe screws. Field Coil/ Switch post w/ insulators. Brush set with holders, springs & screws. Please ask if you are not sure this is what you need or if you are looking for other parts. Armatures, field coils, bearings, bushings, switches, solenoids, regulators, terminals, and more in stock. AER Part # KIT-04027-12V.